How big a factor is “Financial” in terms of the wellbeing of your employees?

05 May 2024      Martin Higgs, AUDE Communications and Campaigns Manager

The cost of living crisis has affected us all in one way or another, whether that is the price of food or the price of energy. This blog article comes from David A Smith, Chartered Financial Planner and Head of Evelyn Partner’s UK Universities team and David Healy, Head of Sales, Moneyhealth, ahead of the UHR 2024 Conference. 

The cost of living crisis has affected us all in one way or another, whether that is the price of food or the price of energy. At the UHR conference this year we will be asking:

  1. How big a factor is “Financial” in terms of the wellbeing of your employees? How does it manifest itself (depression, anxiety)?
  2. Who does it affect most (young, female, BAME)? Do senior management struggle with finance? What issues do they typically have and what is the effect on their wellbeing?
  3. What are the general implications for all (productivity, absence, leavers)?
  4. What solutions are currently “in play” in the sector? How do they work? Do we measure their effectiveness and what are the results?

Most in HR are only too aware of the issues. However what can actually be done by employers to help their staff? Evelyn Partners offer the following services:

  • Financial Education and Coaching for All Employees
  • Evelyn Partners Financial Wellbeing digital platform provides 24/7 access to our cloud-based application that provides
    • Enabled one-on-one coaching with qualified financial planners
    • Ability to link your bank, investment & savings and pension accounts with Open Banking
    • An online interactive health check
    • Access to a full financial education library
    • Tools and calculators for budgets, tax, mortgages, stamp duty and many more
  • Bespoke Financial Wellbeing Seminars available for All Employees We will arrange three virtual and/or in person Financial Wellbeing and Education seminars, focusing on high-level basic tax, investment and financial planning considerations. Each seminar will be recorded so that those who are unable to attend can catch-up on the content in their own time. We have a ‘menu’ of topics to pick from which are specifically tailored for your employees.
  • Senior employee and higher earners For your senior team, we propose to arrange personal one-to-one meetings with an expert financial planner. These meetings will be arranged for each person and scheduled for one hour.
  • Complimentary Benefits Review Our employee benefits team will provide a complimentary review of your existing employee benefits. The Strategic Insights Review will provide detailed analysis of existing benefits, along with insight as to available options/solutions. 


  1. Improve attendance: Financial wellbeing does this by increasing employee satisfaction by ensuring all employees have access to expert financial support and coaching.
  2. Driving uptake and engagement: This is across all benefits, whilst at the same time ensuring People and Mental Health Allies are able to signpost to expert financial wellbeing support, and reducing the burden.
  3. Providing for employees: Providing a comprehensive, personalised, and accessible place to support them through each and every life juncture e.g. paying off debt (inc. student loans), building and accessing funds in retirement, buying a house. This improves both productivity and retention.

We look forward to hosting our workshop and special interest discussion at conference.

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