Compliance Support Provided to Unitemps Franchise Network

05 May 2024      Martin Higgs, AUDE Communications and Campaigns Manager

The following sales information is provided by Unitemps ahead of the UHR 2024 Conference. 


Unitemps has a range of custom built system checks to protect branch’s legal compliance and minimise the work required by consultants. The Unitemps system has been tailored to the needs of Higher Education.

Eligibility to Work

  • The Unitemps system requires the consultant to input basic information about the candidate

and will then check the ID and visa that has been logged to ensure it meets the criteria set by

the Home Office. Without a valid ID check logged a candidate cannot be placed into a role.

  • The system maintains a record of the scans of the documents checked which can be accessed

for as long as legally required before automatically being deleted to comply with GDPR.

  • Where other qualifications are required these can also be logged on the candidate’s record to

evidence the check.

  • The Unitemps system has a custom process to manage overseas work (an area of focus in Higher

Education). This ensures that it is logged accurately and legal risk is reduced.

Student Visas

Unitemps has a custom system to manage Student Visa restrictions which is standard across the network and has successfully passed UKVI audits at numerous institutions without issue.

  • Student visa holders are required to provide proof of term dates and complete a student declaration form The system also requires a maximum hours limit to be set for the candidate to be booked in.
  • The system will automatically apply the term time limit on hours inside of term time and lift the restriction in vacations.

Other employment checks/alerts

  • The Unitemps system has automatic checks if a role is logged as requiring a DBS check to ensure

that one has been logged as being completed.

  • The system will alert the consultant if a candidate is under 18 or under school leaving age.
  • The system will alert the consultant if the pay rate is set below the National Living Wage
  • The system will alter the consultant if a candidate has declared an unspent criminal conviction

that needs to be checked.

  • The system will alert the consultant if reference checks are incomplete.

Agency Worker Regulations

  • The system will automatically establish the status of the candidate under the Agency Worker

Regulations (whether they are only entitled to day-one rights, enhanced rights due to the duration of their work or if they have had a break that resets their status).

  • Qualified temps will automatically receive any higher pay or holiday rates that have been set on

the assignment for temps when qualified.

  • The Unitemps system has been customised to minimise consultant input and support the

Unitemps model where very large numbers of assignments can be managed by a small number

of consultants without introducing legal risk.


  • The Unitemps system automatically manages document and record retention periods so that

documents are deleted in line with the periods set out in the applicable legislation.

  • Due to the large range of applicable legislation in our sector an automatic solution is essential as

different parts of a candidate’s record are required to be deleted at different times.

Key Information Documents

Before a candidate is issued terms and conditions the Unitemps branch is legally required to provide

certain information about the role in a Key Information Document and in the assignment statement.

  • To minimise the time this requires for consultants and to reduce the risk of non-compliance due

to manual error, Unitemps has developed a custom built solution where the Key Information

Document is generated automatically through a simple workflow that the consultant can run

during the booking in process.


Unitemps also offers a range of support to the franchise network from training to legal updates to


Training and resources

  • Branch managers are offered training in all applicable legislation. When there is sufficient

demand or if new legislation has been introduced, network training may also be offered.

  • All Unitemps staff have access to a comprehensive Ops Manual covering applicable legislation

and processes that they are likely to encounter.

  • Unitemps provide template documents for the network to use including (but not limited to):

terms and conditions; privacy notices; AWR forms; email templates.


  • Any Unitemps staff can log a question or issue with the Unitemps Compliance Team through our

ticketing system for advice. Urgent queries can be raised by phone.

  • Branch managers receive a compliance update at regular Managers Meetings.
  • A sample of right to work checks from each branch is audited annually by head office to identify

any errors or training needs.


Unitemps runs numerous reports on Compliance to support the network such as (but not limited to) Eligibility to work, upcoming visa expiry, AWR documents, Dormant assignments, NMW, Student visa expiry and lists of overseas workers

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