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Reinventing the Appraisal and a Maturity Model for HR
PDR should energise staff and identify opportunities for development, but is often a time consuming source of dread or indifference.The same issues face organisations outside of HE and practice is changing. October's Harvard Business Review carried a long article on the subject. Firms including Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, and Gap have moved from annual appraisals to more regular, less formal check-ins focused on development and the future.


Finding Confidence as a University HR Leader - 10 Principles of Good Leadership
Dr Markos Koumaditis is HR Deputy Director at London South Bank University. Here he reflects on leadership lessons learnt during the UHR Emerging Leaders programme, and 10 principles for good leadership.

Leaving Leftovers: Encouraging Staff To Take Annual Leave
It's the time of year that many HR Directors will recognise, when employees request to carry-over their outstanding annual leave entitlement to the next holiday year. But why do so few staff take the time that's owed to them? Sue Chambers, Director of Human Resources at Aberystwyth University reflects on how we can encourage employees to make the most of the time available.


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