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HR Quality Circles for Delivering Service Excellence

Date: 20th October 2021

Location: Online - pre-work to do before session

Price: £70 + VAT

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Please note that although the online session will take place on the 20 October, the pre-work will begin around 7-10 days beforehand (you wil be emailed with all the relevant details).

Since the pandemic, some of HR’s conventional strategies for delivering services have had to change, particularly those that previously relied on personal access and the physical proximity of inter-related teams.

Many organisations are now taking the opportunity to establish Service Excellence Quality Circles to review and, in many cases, refresh delivery protocols and processes to ensure all customers, whether internal or external, are receiving a high quality service experience during these changing times.

As well as the benefits to your key stakeholders, quality circles can offer the opportunity to connect HR professionals, give a sense of purpose and future orientation, stimulate a commercial, customer-focused mindset and support personal development.

This online session aims to kick-start the setting up of an HR Quality Circle, by outlining a structure for reviewing the current service provision, as well as covering tools such as Customer Segmentation and Journey Mapping to support the process.

Participants (limited to 12 per session) will be able to access UHR’s Quality Circle Room for sharing new practices and approaches that have worked and added value, as well as encouraging and supporting new ideas and initiatives, some of which may qualify for UHR’s Best Practice Awards 2021.

Who should attend?

Preferably 2-3 HR members from the same university who have volunteered to form an HR Quality Circle and who would benefit from a structured approach to undertaking an evaluation of the current service, in order to prioritise, plan and take action.

Learning Steps

Step 1: Quality Circle Context, Aims & Protocols

Participants to connect with the HR Director and/or senior HR team to discuss alignment with Organisational and HR strategy, as well as the protocols and overall aims of the Quality Circle.  

Step 2: Introductions to other participants

Facilitator to invite participants to introduce themselves and share some background about how service delivery has had to change in recent times and the impact this has had.

Step 3: Pre session work

HR Quality Circle members to undertake a Service Evaluation & Assessment Exercise for their HR service (2 hrs)

Step 4: Online session (2.5 hrs)

Participants join an online session to stimulate critical thinking about the key elements of service delivery, including Customer Insight; Organisational Culture; Information & Access; Service Delivery Standards; and Continuous Improvement. In addition, key analytical tools, such as Customer Segmentation and Customer Journey Mapping are explained to help highlight where service delivery can be enhanced.

Step 5: Post session work

Feedback to HR Director/senior HR team with recommendations for priority action. Such action may include undertaking Customer Journey Mapping for a selected service.

Step 6: Shared Learning

For added value, Quality Circle members to share ideas, actions and evaluated impact with other participants in UHR’s Quality Circle Room.

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