Privacy Policy

As a user of the website

Personal data (eg name, email address) is not stored or captured through the AUA website without the prior knowledge and consent of users. We will ensure that all personal data supplied is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Continuous logs are maintained of web server activity. These log files include the details of your IP address, browser type, page last visited etc. Log files are used to analyse usage of the AUA website, and are kept in an anonymised form. For more information on the Google Analytics logging system that we use, please see this page maintained by Google.



Cookies are small files stored on a user's computer by websites with the purpose of recording information. Recent law has required site owners to declare the cookies used by their websites and to allow users to control which cookies are set.

  • No personal information is stored by cookies on the UHR website
  • Your movements are not tracked for the purposes of advertising
  • Information is not transferred from the UHR website to third party websites


Cookies in use:

The Google Analytics sevice will store cookies on your computer. This records non-personally identifiable information that helps us observe visitor numbers and see what areas of our website are popular. For a breakdown of what cookies Google Analytics uses, please see this page on the Google website.

Cookies may be set by social networks through user's interactions with YouTube videos embedded in the AUA website, or through the ShareThis service we use to allow users to share content on social network.

Some parts of The AUA website such as the members' area use cookies for convenience purposes (eg to save the user from having to re-enter their details each time they access the members' area).

When you book on to an AUA event, the country you live in is stored in a cookie to allow the AUA to provide country-specific information to  delegates booking onto AUA events. No more detailed information than the country name is stored.

Further information about cookies and how to adjust your browser's settings to not accept cookies may be found at (an external website).


AnchorAs a member or mailing list subscriber

Some member information (first name, last name, and email address) is transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) for the purposes of sending email newsletters covering updates on the AUA's activity.

The data controller for email newsletter data is the AUA and Rocket Science Group, LLC acting on the AUA's behalf, providing the email marketing service MailChimp.

Rocket Science Group are based in the United States, but covered under the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor scheme which recognises that the Group offer data protection equivalent to that offered by organisations within the EEA.

 See also:

The AUA also use the Google Apps and SurveyMonkey services to collect and store information. SurveyMonkey and Google Apps use servers outside the EEA but are both covered by the Safe Harbor scheme.