UHR Conference 2016

The Grand Hotel, Brighton, 17-20 May 2016

2016 Conference Theme: The Changing Face of Work

Universities' workforces and working environments are evolving at an increasing rate. The UHR 2016 Conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities this presents to HR professionals.

  • How can we best equip our organisations to respond to our increasingly digital world and to meet the needs of our Generation Z employees? 
  • How can we influence choices in job design and the physical working environment to improve performance whilst ensuring work remains enjoyable for staff?
  • How can the drive for efficiency and productivity be combined with keeping staff engaged and motivated?
  • How will the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework impact workforce planning and reward and recognition schemes?
  • Does our work on diversity and inclusivity genuinely reach all areas of the workforce to make the most of the talents of all of our staff?
  • What are the implications for people management, of globalisation of higher education?